Make Your Own Kids’ Punching Bag for $10 Or Less

Our house is a bit like a Buddhist Kung Fu monastery from an old martial arts movie.

One of the many reasons for this is that we believe in providing our young padawan offspring with plenty of Warrior Hero training. They have unleashed their striking power on my muay thai bag for awhile, but I recently decided to build them their own bag that was scaled down from my 200lb model. I was happy with the end result, especially since I satisfied my goal of using random stuff from my garage for materials.


  • Duct Tape (2-3 rolls)
  • Entrance mat
  • Old clothes
  • Trash bag
  • Zip lock baggies
  • Sand
  • Metal ring



Step 1:

Fold mat into tube and duct tape the seam.


Step 2:

Apply duct tape over entire tube.


Step 3:

Put trash bag in tube and fill with clothes and bags of sand, to desired weight.


photo(6)Step 4:

Tie bag and duct tape over the bag, through the ring to secure it. Apply tape around the lip of the top of the tube to secure top.


Step 5:

Place tape over the bottom of the tube until the trash bag is covered. Apply tape around the lip of the bottom of the tube to secure it.


6. Attach the chain to the ring and suspend the bag from the ceiling.





Use your punching bag to train your young warriors and help them expend energy so they will fall asleep early. For an example of an adventure course that uses a kids’ punching bag, check out this article on Breaking Muscle.

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