Part of living in a natural or ancestral way is using what you already have to create the best environment possible. Most of us can squat (hopefully), walk, run, jump, and climb. Fostering these basic skills is a great way to improve your fitness and general well-being. It doesn’t have to be complicated. How can […]

A year and a half ago we decided not to blog. Peter was founding a K-9th grade school, Nikki’s work responsibilities had skyrocketed, and the kids… well, let’s just say their writing and photography didn’t make the editorial board cut (see exhibit A below). EXHIBIT A Now, months later, having traveled through several time-space warps […]

Our house is a bit like a Buddhist Kung Fu monastery from an old martial arts movie. One of the many reasons for this is that we believe in providing our young padawan offspring with plenty of Warrior Hero training. They have unleashed their striking power on my muay thai bag for awhile, but I […]

What a perfect weekend it was. Delicious food and celebrating Mama. I (Peter) did most of the cooking this weekend to give mom a break. Breakfast: Steak Strips with Eggs over easy and Sweet Potatoes and Bullet Proof Coffee It would be hard to get more simple and hardy than this breakfast. For the sweet […]

People talk a lot about how expensive or time-consuming it is to eat well as a family. But for me, the biggest obstacle is this: Healthy eating is much messier than unhealthy eating. There are dishes. There are vegetable skins and scooped-out grapefruit bodies and cast iron skillets with food stuck on them. There are […]

As a mom, there are three main excuses that usually stand in the way of preparing healthy meals for my family: I don’t have time. I don’t have the right ingredients. I don’t feel like it. With the exception of #3, these excuses are easily put to rest by proper meal planning. If I sit […]

  Welcome to our Sneaky Parent Series. This series of recipes provides sneaky and delicious ways to force encourage your children to eat liver. The word “liver” used to make us feel nauseous, but now it makes us all salivate. If you or your kids have similar aversions this healthful organ meat, these recipes will quickly […]